Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Research and Planning: Deconstruction Number 2

The second music video I deconstructed to help with the cons and conventions to metal was Pierce The Veil- King For A Day

The video starts off by setting the narrative including the band members working in a bank, it starts with a close up of a close to show how solely there work is going and how they don't enjoy their job, once the music starts playing there is a straight shot of the lead singers guitar and the camera is at a mid high because you cant see the band members face, the camera slowly pans forward towards the guitar. Before the singing starts in the song the scene cuts back to the narratives which has a much showed pass compared to the performance based section of the video, when the song drops in to the main heavy part the cuts are a lot quicker and shows many different camera angles, this is all in time with the music as well. 
They mix between the performance and narrative but there also link because their is performance shown in the narrative part of the video is it done by using the same mise en scene, with in the video there show conventions of metal by having the band head banging and also having loots of high shots from above the drum kit and also including close ups of the guitar playing and members faces.

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