Saturday, 11 August 2012

Research and Planning: creativity is?

Definition: The process of creation of new forms and new texts involving innovation. ( Nicholas Abercrombie & Brain Longhurst; Dictionary of media studies)
All of this have something to do with the idea of creativity:
  • Individual
  • An Idea ---> Product ( producing something/ making)
  • Original (ity)------->
                                             Intersexuality ( making references to other films eg. sherk)
  • Post Modernism--->
The idea that nothing can be original anymore and something has to get an idea from somewhere else for example the twilight film that showed vampires are just a take on the Dracula films but with a new modern twist to them, this also works when is comes to music artist a good example of this is the Black Eyed Peas- The Time (dirty bits) when they took the classic dirty dancing song and used the beginning but yet then changed it up and added there twist, some people could see this as creativity but other could just see it as a cop out. Furthermore what one people could see as creative is different to someone else views and thoughts, but there must be such a thing as creativity as there is a thing called creative industries which are companies and other organisations which produce creative things like adverts for other companies.

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