Saturday, 25 August 2012

Research and Planning: Deconstruction of a music video

The first video I looked at to get ideas into the cons and conventions into music videos as a whole was 'Biffy Clyro-Mountains'
This video opens to piano keys with the artist name (Biffy Clyro) written a cross the top above the keys, this therefore establish the artist from the start, the camera pans to the organ pipes wherefore the songs titles is shown. A quick cut takes us to the next frame where the title and the artist names merge. The first shot of Biffy is a close up of him playing the piano with was shown as the opening frame. the song starts of slow with just the sound of the piano and no other instruments at this point but as the tempo increase with in the some the camera does a quick shaky pan from side to side into the next cut, the performance based part of the video follows this pan and shows close up of the band to help the audience be a where of who they are listening to, to link the performance to the narrative of the story with is good vs evil they have used the same location with is clear because of the checked floor, there are quick cut with in this first section for each band member but showing many close ups of Biffy.
The narrative is good vs evil which we can tell because of the connotations of the colours black and white, you see each biffy more a chase piece and they someone from each side start a fight to portray this good and evil, the performance links with this because there are  not wearing bright colours but just black and then there instruments are also black as well.
camera shots: The camera is steady and still with in the narrative base with pans depending on the movement with in the frame, it also shows straight on shot of the white biffy in his chair and uses the same angle for the black biffy, furthermore when it comes to the performance based shot the camera is moving a lot move and shows more editing and cuts, it also give you the feel that the camera could be hand held, this is to show the energy in the performance, when editing they have also give the shots when filming the drummer a little bit of a blur.

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