Monday, 25 June 2012

Research and Planning: Breaking down lyrics to make a video

One of the main parts to a music video is creativity, berng able to look at the word and produce a music video around then. Therefore to help enhaucne are creativity our class got given the lyrics to produce a storyboard for.

Deep in the past
We can trigger to the barrel blast
On the avenue
Where I would crash into you

What's done is done and life is a gun
Life is a gun on the run
Oh my dear, isn't life a gun
A story shotgun that came undone
We came undone

New York's cold
On the road we became old
Standing still
But I'm running against all my will

The well won path
Was never something I would walk
So lay it down
Lay these guns in the ground

Our idea was to set the video with in New york on an abandened street, so the feeling of a apocuypse streets, we got this idea from the line 'New York's cold' then from this we planned to have men matching down the street in US cold war uniform. The video was to be set in black & white but with the men in colour. With the video also in slow motion.
Once we shared our ideas with the class we heard the song and had to change or build on our narrative. so we desided to not have the slow motion as the song was up tempo, and have the men droppiunbg their guns, as for the colour in the video we had the colour from black & white slowly fading into colour.
This is the offical video.

After doing this task it has given are group some idea towards our main task video, so do indie genre and maybe shot in an abandon place or building.Furthermore we also got ideas from others music videos for example 'kasabain, empire' and ' delphic, the momentary' as there both show video with dull colour and similar story lines. 

Friday, 15 June 2012

Research & Planning: The change to Music Videos

Comparing music videos from the 90's to today's video there a huge dramatic advents, no just because of the technology that we now have today wherefore anyone can produce a music video on their home laptops or even there phone, but the way in which the videos portray the artists work, for example 'Nivrana smells like Teen sprit'  shows a clear message of angst and anarchy, and this was made possible by new music video effects and styles of direction. Music videos like this one enabled artists of the 90s to take a political spin on their image.

 But comparing that to the likes of 'all time low i feel like dancing' this video portrays what a music video is likely to have in it today and this is showed because of the intertextuality, therefore it shows how most of their videos from today don't try and symbolise a certain feeling, but it is done to boast sells of the artist album.

Research & Planning: MTV

MTV is know for New music videos, reality TV shows, celebrity news, top stories, it  also showed one of the first main stream music videos. August 1 1981 saw the broadcast of 'video killed the radio star, by The Buggles.
There are hunreds of music channels around today showing all gerne of music with many radio stations increasing there media coverage with music channels, furtheremore most mainstream channels also have a music channel as part of there channel listing.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Research & Planning: The First Music Video (The Dickson Experimental Sound Film)

The Dickson Experimental sound film is coincided to be the first music video, because It was the first film with live-recorded was produced in 1894, there was no attempt to synchronise picture and sound throughout playback. Meanwhile this just shows how much music video have moved on with the likes of Lady GAGA's video being about 12 minutes with a storyline that does just include her song.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Research & Planning: Definition of Music Video

A music video or song video is a short film integrating a song and imagery, produced for promotional or artistic purposes.

Friday, 1 June 2012


Starting A2 media studies course and we are looking at music video's, then we are go to produce are own music video. Therefore looking in to the music industry and how it started was important towards my research and planning this was the first step before even thinking about what genre of music we were going to do.