Thursday, 29 November 2012

Research and Planning: How filming is going?

Filming has been going very well we have filmed twice in the car park now and going to film once more, we have found it very helpful to watching all the footage over and add it in to are timeline on final cut pro and then write up a shot list of the things we need to refilm so that we know what sections we need and how we should shoot then, the narrative filming has gone well to with us about to work on our ancillary task at the same time taking still images that we could use towards are album artwork. post production is coming together well as a team effort with our first cut near complete and been able to add in effects like the strobing with has work well and links in with the music and genre. now that the film is nearly complete we are going to focus on the ancillary tasks, hopefully producing a album cover and magazine add we are all happy with.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Research and Planning: Setting up

One of our group member thought it would be a good idea to take picture of us setting up ready for are first filming in the car park, we found a good stop outside the car park and set up there but then as the light went we went inside the car park and started film because we then had lighting.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Research and Planning: Equipment

The filming equipment that we used to film are music video was similar to the same equipment we used in AS so we know how it all worked, but this time we had some new equipment when is came to the gorilla pod and steadi cam. The main equipment that we needed to film was the HD camera and a tripod to get different highs and angles in are filming, for some of the low shoots like the shoot of the drum kit from below we laid on the floor holding the camera still. When is came to the shoot in the forest we used the steadi cam of the the running shoots to give it a smooth and not a bounce effect that you would get if you was just running its the camera, which we found last year. 

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Research and Planning: Editing Lighting &colour

We have been editing all our footage together using many effects with in final cut pro to make are video link and flow well, one of the biggest things we have added is the blink effected we changed our mind from the strobe to the blink as we think it works better this is only used in a small section of the video which is the main breakdown in the middle part to enhance the heavy music being played.

Other effect that we have changes is the speed of which and music video starts adding slow motion to the water drop to back it more dramatic we wanted this because the music start quite slowly and quiet plus it is also the first thing you see.

we also changed the colour contrast because when looking back at our footage we saw that the car park lighting gave the shot a yellow tone to them, so we reduced the brightness and contrast which then links back to the convention of a metal music video will dark drim lighting and not may bright colours to be seen. 

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Research and Planning: Filming dates

I have made calendar for when we are filming, green is the narrative filming, red is performance and the blue opening.