Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Research and Planning: Shot list redo

After filming twice now and nearly having our first cut done we decided it would be helpful if we have a shot list of the things that we need to reshoot so when we film again we know what to force on, the ones in green are the ones to re film in the woods and then blue is the car park we did this as a group and picked things that we all thought we could redo to make the shoot, or angle look better.
  • Re-shoot shot of tilt up from woodland floor or replace with an abandoned object.
  • Shoot medium shot of guitarist playing solitary note at the start of the song.
  • Re-shoot bird's eye angle of drummer playing the beat. Visual match audio.
  • Long shot of band playing together.
  • Low angle shot of drums.
  • Side shot of band preforming- Tilted angle.
  • Medium shot of guitarist playing note.
  • Wide angle shot of band playing, camera tilts down to car park floor.
  • Camera tilts up from woodland floor to woods.
  • Re-shoot low angle shot of vocalist jumping over the camera.
  • Re-shoot bird's eye angle of the band running through the woods- create more enigma.
  • Re-shoot close- up of vocalist.
  • Re-shoot close-up of vocalist, head moving down.
  • Re-shoot close-up of vocalist pointing at the camera.
  • Re-shoot medium long shot of guitarist playing.
  • Re-shoot shot of band running through woods- side angle.
  • Re-shoot low angle close-up of drummer hitting the base drum.
  • Re-shoot close-up of vocalist head banging.
  • Re-shoot medium close-up of guitarist playing.
  • Re-shoot close-up of guitarist 2 playing.
  • Re-shoot vocalist acting out actions.
  • Get rid of band helping up guitarist and replace with shot of object next to the guitarist on the ground. (or something else)
  • Film more close-ups and shots of band preforming.
  • Re-shoot close-up in the car park.
  • Quick cuts to the objects.
  • Re-film close-up of guitar.
  • Re-place the siking up shots.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Research and Planning: Costumes

When filming we had to make sure that our actors wore the right costume to fit in with are genre, and also that we remember what there wore so that the mise en scène looks the same in are filming and so the audience cant tell that filmming has been done over different period of time and all the same, this links to the conventions of a heavy mental genre we made sure that there wore black jeans, or short for the drummer and then band mech t-shirts/jumper of the same genre as themselves. 
This also links back to bands that wear the clothing that are actors are going to wear:


Sunday, 2 December 2012

Research and Planning: Lighting & colour editing

We have finished filming for the time being therefore we have been focused on post production and looking/ using different effects in are music video. The main effect we have used in our video is the blink effect this is to as the strobe effect we think it worked better then the strobing, this effected is used in the main breakdown of the song where it getting really heavy and is all instrumental. we also editing the speed at which are music video opening so we have added slow motion to the water drop because it makes it more dramatic and because the music starts of slowly.

we also changed the brightness levels of the performance section to the  video because it have a yellow tone to it from the lighting in the car park, also to link with the convections of metal music having ark and dull lighting, they don't show bright colours, we moved the black to 88 and then white down to -12.