Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Research and Planning: Artist Research

To help us choose  an artist we researched different unsigned bands, and analysised some of there work.The gerne we have picked is punk,rock and altertive indie, this is because they are the main genre that we listen to as a group so we thought this would help us to work on a song that we will enjoy listening to then something we hate. we put together a listen of artist that we had heard of with in these genres.  

Vintage Crow

Genre: progressive hard roack
members: vocals-Andre Ruffell, Lead Guitar-Zak Muller, Bass-Jordan Barry, Drums-Sam Levell.
Hometown: maidenhead/Reading

Mindset for Mayhem
Genre: Metal/Hard Rock
Members: Lead Vocals-Vacancy, Lead Guitar-Will Rogers, Rhythm Guitar-Mason Ritchie, Bass- Vacancy, Drums-Greg Mitchell.
Hometown: London/Berkshire
Fake The Attack
Genre: Alternative/pop/rock
members: Ashlyn Marshall, Callum Herffy, James Herffy, Matt Thorp
Hometown: Chineham Hampshire
Genre: Pop Punk
Members: Vocals-Mark, Bass-Jack, Guitars- Nick &Rob, Drums-Rich
Tom Law 
Genre: Indie Acoustic
Member: Tom Law
Hometown: Penzance


Genre: Metal/ Metalcore
Members: Vocals- James Denton, Guitar-Jack Ormond Prout, Guitar- Rod Collins, Bass-Billy Dowdall, Drums-Dom Rodriquez
Hometown: Blackpool

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