Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Research and Planning: Deconstruction Number 2

The second music video I deconstructed to help with the cons and conventions to metal was Pierce The Veil- King For A Day

The video starts off by setting the narrative including the band members working in a bank, it starts with a close up of a close to show how solely there work is going and how they don't enjoy their job, once the music starts playing there is a straight shot of the lead singers guitar and the camera is at a mid high because you cant see the band members face, the camera slowly pans forward towards the guitar. Before the singing starts in the song the scene cuts back to the narratives which has a much showed pass compared to the performance based section of the video, when the song drops in to the main heavy part the cuts are a lot quicker and shows many different camera angles, this is all in time with the music as well. 
They mix between the performance and narrative but there also link because their is performance shown in the narrative part of the video is it done by using the same mise en scene, with in the video there show conventions of metal by having the band head banging and also having loots of high shots from above the drum kit and also including close ups of the guitar playing and members faces.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Research and Planning: Deconstruction of a music video

The first video I looked at to get ideas into the cons and conventions into music videos as a whole was 'Biffy Clyro-Mountains'
This video opens to piano keys with the artist name (Biffy Clyro) written a cross the top above the keys, this therefore establish the artist from the start, the camera pans to the organ pipes wherefore the songs titles is shown. A quick cut takes us to the next frame where the title and the artist names merge. The first shot of Biffy is a close up of him playing the piano with was shown as the opening frame. the song starts of slow with just the sound of the piano and no other instruments at this point but as the tempo increase with in the some the camera does a quick shaky pan from side to side into the next cut, the performance based part of the video follows this pan and shows close up of the band to help the audience be a where of who they are listening to, to link the performance to the narrative of the story with is good vs evil they have used the same location with is clear because of the checked floor, there are quick cut with in this first section for each band member but showing many close ups of Biffy.
The narrative is good vs evil which we can tell because of the connotations of the colours black and white, you see each biffy more a chase piece and they someone from each side start a fight to portray this good and evil, the performance links with this because there are  not wearing bright colours but just black and then there instruments are also black as well.
camera shots: The camera is steady and still with in the narrative base with pans depending on the movement with in the frame, it also shows straight on shot of the white biffy in his chair and uses the same angle for the black biffy, furthermore when it comes to the performance based shot the camera is moving a lot move and shows more editing and cuts, it also give you the feel that the camera could be hand held, this is to show the energy in the performance, when editing they have also give the shots when filming the drummer a little bit of a blur.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Research and Planning: Artist Research

To help us choose  an artist we researched different unsigned bands, and analysised some of there work.The gerne we have picked is punk,rock and altertive indie, this is because they are the main genre that we listen to as a group so we thought this would help us to work on a song that we will enjoy listening to then something we hate. we put together a listen of artist that we had heard of with in these genres.  

Vintage Crow

Genre: progressive hard roack
members: vocals-Andre Ruffell, Lead Guitar-Zak Muller, Bass-Jordan Barry, Drums-Sam Levell.
Hometown: maidenhead/Reading

Mindset for Mayhem
Genre: Metal/Hard Rock
Members: Lead Vocals-Vacancy, Lead Guitar-Will Rogers, Rhythm Guitar-Mason Ritchie, Bass- Vacancy, Drums-Greg Mitchell.
Hometown: London/Berkshire
Fake The Attack
Genre: Alternative/pop/rock
members: Ashlyn Marshall, Callum Herffy, James Herffy, Matt Thorp
Hometown: Chineham Hampshire
Genre: Pop Punk
Members: Vocals-Mark, Bass-Jack, Guitars- Nick &Rob, Drums-Rich
Tom Law 
Genre: Indie Acoustic
Member: Tom Law
Hometown: Penzance


Genre: Metal/ Metalcore
Members: Vocals- James Denton, Guitar-Jack Ormond Prout, Guitar- Rod Collins, Bass-Billy Dowdall, Drums-Dom Rodriquez
Hometown: Blackpool

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Research and Planning: Different styles of music videos

Music videos developed as a distinct of text in the 1980s, today they are seen as how the artist can establish themselves with millions being spent on a single music video. A music video is visual images and narrative images combined with music to produce a short film type film to be shown on television but now also on the internet. there are three main different types of music videos performance, story narrative and a mix of both of them.

performance: Is quite clean in the name but it shows the band or artist performing the song with in the video, it is mainly showed in metal or indie genre.
Narrative: Tell a story through a sequence of actions and events, so in a music video case the narrative will link back to the song and lyrics.
Mix: Most music video contain both parts showing a narrative through out the song and then the artist also performing.
                                                                           Ed Sheeran- Small Bump
This video is all performance basic so all the attention is on the artist and makes the audience listen to the lyrics more as they are not trying to understand what is happening with in the music video. therefore it also doesn't show mainly different camera angles but also have the foreground in focus with the background having a blur on it to add, this helps to establish him as in is other videos they don't show much of him so fans in the past may not of notices him before in the same way.
Narrative based performance plays the song along side shots that link in with the song the video that I looked at for this was Arctic monkeys- when the sun goes down, it have a huge range of different camera shot and angles. there are a lot of close up of the girls face and POV shot from her but this video is a good example of a short film type video, meanwhile I like the shows with are from with in the car, as the music speeds up so does the editing and cuts which works well.                                       Arctic Monkeys-When the sun goes down

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Research & Planning: Genre types

Looking into different types of genre by viewing different music videos and analysing the cos&conventions of what type of camera shoot, lighting and colours are used in the genre, then also looking at what type of music video  is it, narrative (story based) or performance.

POP-  music of general appeal to teenagers; a bland watered-down version of rock'n'roll with more rhythm and harmony and an emphasis on romantic love, Artist which show this are Rhianna, Taylor Swift, Paloma Faith, Bruno Mars, All Time Low etc.
You belong with me- Taylor Swift
This video is an example of pop as it shows a love story, it is quite stereotypical as it shows the girl wanting the guy but he is with some other girl but in the end they get together. This is achieved by the use of bright lighting and colours on the seen as popular girl and the guy, wherefore the 'girl next door' blends in with the sets not give the feel she isn't being noticed. 

R&B-is a music genre that combines elements of rhythm and bluespopsoulfunk and hip hop. It is mainly seen to me done by African- Americans, artist which show this are Sean Paul, Jay-z, Pitbull, N-Dubz ect. 

Number 1-Tinchy Stryder Ft. N-Dubz
This video is performance based  with Tinchy and N-Dubz sing/ dancing to the music, the lyrics are not to different from that of a pop song as they are talking about love but it shows rapping therefore it is classed as R&B.

ROCK-is a genre of popular music that originated as "rock and roll" in 1950s America and developed into a range of different styles in the 1960s and later, particularly in the United Kingdom and the United States. Artist such as Foo Fighters, Nirvana, The Kooks, Red Hot Chilli Peppers etc. These videos show the band playing there instruments but are also narrative videos that link with the lyrics.
Walk- Foo Fighters
This video have a intro that last about a 1 minutes to starts the narrative off of a radio station while Dave Grohl sitting in his car stuck in traffic, this video goes on to show the band, but from the beginning you know it is performance as Dave is walking with his guitar. 

ALTERNATIVE&PUNK- is a genre of rock music that emerged from the independent music underground of the 1980s and became widely popular by the 1990s. there video are very similar to that of rock videos, artist include My chemical Romance  Blink 182, Kings Of Leon, Paramore, Go:Audio etc.. 
This video is simple and doesn't have a story to it, the whole thing is shot in one room, with the band and just a let amount of lighting with strobe lights, but not the strong and a hanging light bulb with Hayley Williams holds on to a couple of times and sings in to it, meanwhile the editing to this video links in with the song as it has quick cuts with follows with the rhythm of the music.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Research and Planning: creativity is?

Definition: The process of creation of new forms and new texts involving innovation. ( Nicholas Abercrombie & Brain Longhurst; Dictionary of media studies)
All of this have something to do with the idea of creativity:
  • Individual
  • An Idea ---> Product ( producing something/ making)
  • Original (ity)------->
                                             Intersexuality ( making references to other films eg. sherk)
  • Post Modernism--->
The idea that nothing can be original anymore and something has to get an idea from somewhere else for example the twilight film that showed vampires are just a take on the Dracula films but with a new modern twist to them, this also works when is comes to music artist a good example of this is the Black Eyed Peas- The Time (dirty bits) when they took the classic dirty dancing song and used the beginning but yet then changed it up and added there twist, some people could see this as creativity but other could just see it as a cop out. Furthermore what one people could see as creative is different to someone else views and thoughts, but there must be such a thing as creativity as there is a thing called creative industries which are companies and other organisations which produce creative things like adverts for other companies.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Research & planning: technology

From the rapid changes in technology it is soon to be one of the easiest times to get notice with in the public eye, with out having a huge record deal behind you, therefore social media ia a big part of this. In 2005 we saw the launch of YouTube, which made the viewing of online video much faster and easier; and other viewing stations like Google Videos, Yahoo! Video, Facebook and MySpace also came around and became easier and faster for audience to view music videos. Artist like Justin bieber where found on YouTube. 

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

research & planning: Genre

Music video genre is a huge part to the selling of a music video/ album because their genre links to there audience. I choose to make a mind map to highlight the different genre.