Saturday, 18 August 2012

Research and Planning: Different styles of music videos

Music videos developed as a distinct of text in the 1980s, today they are seen as how the artist can establish themselves with millions being spent on a single music video. A music video is visual images and narrative images combined with music to produce a short film type film to be shown on television but now also on the internet. there are three main different types of music videos performance, story narrative and a mix of both of them.

performance: Is quite clean in the name but it shows the band or artist performing the song with in the video, it is mainly showed in metal or indie genre.
Narrative: Tell a story through a sequence of actions and events, so in a music video case the narrative will link back to the song and lyrics.
Mix: Most music video contain both parts showing a narrative through out the song and then the artist also performing.
                                                                           Ed Sheeran- Small Bump
This video is all performance basic so all the attention is on the artist and makes the audience listen to the lyrics more as they are not trying to understand what is happening with in the music video. therefore it also doesn't show mainly different camera angles but also have the foreground in focus with the background having a blur on it to add, this helps to establish him as in is other videos they don't show much of him so fans in the past may not of notices him before in the same way.
Narrative based performance plays the song along side shots that link in with the song the video that I looked at for this was Arctic monkeys- when the sun goes down, it have a huge range of different camera shot and angles. there are a lot of close up of the girls face and POV shot from her but this video is a good example of a short film type video, meanwhile I like the shows with are from with in the car, as the music speeds up so does the editing and cuts which works well.                                       Arctic Monkeys-When the sun goes down

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