Thursday, 6 September 2012

Research and Planning: Chosen Artist & Comfirmation

Raven face is the band which we have choosen to creat a music video for they are a metalcore group from blackpool that formed in 2008. we picked this band as we believed they had the heavy sound that we are going for, we have choosen a song off there first ablum released in 2010 This Is Annihilation, the song has the same name as the ablum which we are going to make the video for. we came up with the ideas of cons and convension of a metal music video. which include:

To Insure we could use this band we messaged them asking for permission. 
Kaya Brenna Parsons.
Hi Raven-face. i am a current media student and for our A2 coursework we have to make a music video. It would be amazing if you would allow my group and i to use one of your songs. We are not sure which song to use yet but if you agree we would keep you updated. Thanks very much and have a good weekend. 
RAVEN-FACE - Official Band Page
 Yeah of course, no problem.

we then start thinking of things that we need to include with in this video:
  • strobe light
  • performance based
  • small narrative
  • band wearing t-shirt of similar bands
  • dark lighting and settings
  • close up shoots (faces and instruments)

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