Thursday, 13 September 2012

Research and Planning:Marketing & Branding

Marketing and branding is a big deal when it comes to the music industry because it is how the band/artist is portrayed to their fans, In business, a branded image is your logo, tagline, colours, fonts/typesets and other attributes that visually represent one’s company. In music, the same is true: Every band should have at least a band logo to instantly gain recognition. for example Nirvana have there logo with is then branded of to mech, with the logo being simple but audience of the genre no straight away who it is. Marketing also effects the way in which a music video is made and how the artist is show a good example of the is Ed Sheeran his record company believed that if the audience saw what he looked like that there may judge and therefore record sells not being every high this is why in his first two music videos we only see him for a couple of seconds and isn't the main focus point. to help us develop are idea of how to brand and rebrand we were given the task to try and rebrand a Jaffa cake and it ended up being hared then we first thought, this was to help us be able to market are chosen artist when is came to the ancillary task because they are already out there we need to think of branding them to link to there genre but not copy the ideas with are already out there.

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