Thursday, 13 September 2012

Research and Planning: Marketing Ravenface

As ravenface are a new metal band they needed to make sure that they getting there marketing right to be about to reach out to the audience of the genre that they fall in to so for we have found out that they do this through social media/ web 2.0, by posting about gigs there are playing on facebbook, myspace ect, they have branded themselves well with there clothing as you can tell straight away what genre they our by linking them to bands like bring me the horizon. raven face has given themselves a logo which is clear when it comes to seeing gig posters.

 Ravenface have also don magazine interviews and youtube interview. one of the main marketing tool they have uses is with there mechanise by putting there album covers on there t-shirt, to help promote the albums, therefore when we come to doing are ancillary task, we well need to take all these things into account.
Image of Ravenface Logo T shirt

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