Saturday, 29 September 2012

Portfolio: Bedouin Soundclash

 Today in media we looked at starting to work towards are ancillary task, we got give a pack with was full of pictures and information on a band call Bedouin soundclash we had to guess what type of music they may be, this band include one white guy and two black guy are first thought were that they are going to be a rap, R&B type group because of the stereotype black guys rappers
we then mind mapped information about the band to give us a better idea of what type of album artwork work they would have and how they may be soon in the music videos. 

working together and after listening to one of there songs we came up with a album cover which included the Canadian flag as the background and then the band in front, furthermore doing this helped us to start thinking of ideas that we could use in our ancillary task.

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