Monday, 1 October 2012

Research and Planning: Stylistic Conventions with metal

The stylistic Conventions of metal has changed over the years. in the late 1980's early 1990's the majority of Heavy metal Had evolved into other rock genres like hard Rock, grunge, Gothic rock and trash metal. The 1980s saw bands like Iron Maiden, a British heavy metal band from London which is still successful today having thirty-six albums, fifteen studio albums and ten live albums. there success was helped to be achieved with several headlining positions at festivals and are still seen to be one of the looked for bands at any rock/metal event. The 1990's show a band called Metallic from Los Angeles they have released nine studio albums, four live albums, 25 music videos and 45 singles, therefrom they have also won nine Grammes. This band has been credited as one of the big four of thrash metal along with Slayer, Anthrax and Megedeth. both these bands are seen as classic metal bands but this changes when bands such as Nirvana came along. young messy lads from the middle of no where they changed metal to a grunge scene. Nirvana became unexpected success with smells like teen spirit the first single from the band's second album nevermind, but the band was only around for a brief run with ended after the death of Kurt Cobain in 1994, but their records continued to sell well with over 25 million records in the united states alone being sold and then over 75 million records worldwide.

From this success Heavy Metal has become huge with teenagers and young adults across many countries. Furthermore the conventions to metal is a traditionally performance video which focus on the instruments the  grunge look  a good example is led zeppelin but over time this has now changed to what is seen as " pretty boys" with bring me the horizon , Ollie Sykes showing and the most know metal artist around today but no longer showing the metal idea of long hair and eyeliner but, covered in tattoos and having what is seen as sex appeal , but with smart short hair so the idea of boy band type feel to it. Ollie Sykes is also a good example of how band no longer just focus on there music to sell there albums but making there fan base bigger by having a clothing line ( drop dead) which Ollie Sykes designs and also wears the clothes showing how the music business has changed.  

Linking this back to ravenface i think there show both aspects but mainly more the newer type of metal look, to they like to show links back the other artists similar by wearing band tops, and skinny jeans wherefore past band such as 'kiss' would wear what ti be seen as more outrageous clothing with mainly leather but also lots of make up/ face paint and had a ever iconic look to them.

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