Thursday, 29 November 2012

Research and Planning: How filming is going?

Filming has been going very well we have filmed twice in the car park now and going to film once more, we have found it very helpful to watching all the footage over and add it in to are timeline on final cut pro and then write up a shot list of the things we need to refilm so that we know what sections we need and how we should shoot then, the narrative filming has gone well to with us about to work on our ancillary task at the same time taking still images that we could use towards are album artwork. post production is coming together well as a team effort with our first cut near complete and been able to add in effects like the strobing with has work well and links in with the music and genre. now that the film is nearly complete we are going to focus on the ancillary tasks, hopefully producing a album cover and magazine add we are all happy with.

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