Friday, 15 June 2012

Research & Planning: The change to Music Videos

Comparing music videos from the 90's to today's video there a huge dramatic advents, no just because of the technology that we now have today wherefore anyone can produce a music video on their home laptops or even there phone, but the way in which the videos portray the artists work, for example 'Nivrana smells like Teen sprit'  shows a clear message of angst and anarchy, and this was made possible by new music video effects and styles of direction. Music videos like this one enabled artists of the 90s to take a political spin on their image.

 But comparing that to the likes of 'all time low i feel like dancing' this video portrays what a music video is likely to have in it today and this is showed because of the intertextuality, therefore it shows how most of their videos from today don't try and symbolise a certain feeling, but it is done to boast sells of the artist album.

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